Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long Time No Post.

Lack of time and lack of money is killing me. No money means no records, no time means no cool cooking. Hoping to get my shit together before tour in july. All ready have a little list of records I REALLY need to get my hands on, inc new Integrty, Black Breath and Howl.

Need more hours in the day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Whether to cry or destroy.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sheep Keepers Pie

2 food related blogs in a row, maybe I need to buy more records :(

This is just a quick one, I was too busy moshing in the kitchen to disembodied to take many photos, seriously this band is that fucking good. Kill someone to them.

Another real easy thing to make.
Just basic TVP mince:
1 small pack of TVP
3 onions
2 cans of crushed tomatoes
500g of mushrooms cut into quarters
flavor with cummin, salt, pepper and basic italian herbs.
Fry the onions mushrooms and tomatoes until ALMOST ready, then add TVP with the double the amount of hot water, to easy

Then put into baking tray lined with puff pastry, then top with mash potato, then top that off with nutritional yeast to make it cheesy



Before the oven:

After the oven:

Before I eat:

This was real good, easy to make from scratch, and had enough mince left over to make some pasties with the left over puff pastry. Go enjoy your packet mac and cheese, I'll eat real food. Peace

Neg Eggs

Sooooo, I decided to make a frittata (basically a Spanish omelet) . My dad always made them, but without eggs I never could be bothered working out a way to do it. Then I found a recipe here, another really good vegan cooking and blog, suss it. I added mushroom and some other veges, and nutritional yeast to the top, made it more cheesy. It was super fucking easy, really there in no excuse for eating packet food when you can make stuff like this in 25 minutes.


fuck you garlic:

multi tasking:


before baking:

after baking!:

Seriously, food is so good. It blows my mind the crap people eat on a day to day basis because they are to fucking lazy to cook. I get that everyone is busy and poor, but this meal cost me less than $20, and it took longer to cook in the oven than it did to prepare. If you are keen, here is the link to the recipe I used. Let me know how you do. Stop eating animals.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Life will change, Keep dreaming.

Most Precious Blood are one of the bands who can do no wrong in my eyes. I was lucky enough to catch them at hardcore years ago and they blew every other band off the stage, if you don't believe me, suss this video of them playing CBGBs. What I would give to see this band again.

Most Precious Blood at CBGB's

I found out about Bitter Melody's release of Merciless on record a bit late to grab all three colours, but I managed to pick it up on clear and white. If anyone has this on clear red and wants to part with it, get at me. Keep an eye out for other cool releases coming out from Bitter Melody real soon, the dude who runs it Grant is doing some really cool shit, all out of his own pocket so help him out and buy some gear from him. Bitter Melody

More shit photos, what do you do?

Front cover, heavy stuff. This pic was covered up on the CD release after the band had a lot of trouble from record stores in the states refusing to stock the CD.

Clear record was numbered, white was not.

You are moshing

I can't wait for Trustkill to get off their hands and release the new cd, I will swerve my car into people while listening to it.

My Soul For A Goat/ATR

Holy shit. My high school years were spent listening to these 2 records on a cassette that a friend made for me, Vulgar on one side and Far Beyond on the other. Every morning and arvo this was what filled my ears on the bus to and from the shite jock high school I attended, and got me through many a bad day. When I found out from Dean Sawson ( that these were being reissued through Amazon, I had no choice but to make the poor credit card take another hit.

Cowboys is still on its way.

Please excuse the horrible photos, using a camera isn't one of my strong points.

Both records are 2LP 180gram double gatefold, using the original CD artwork, except for the Far Beyond cover, which was deemed to graphic for mainstream release.

Far Beyond Driven original artwork!

Inside gatefold, the artwork that the cd was released with.

Record sleeve/lyrics sheet

Vulgar cover. I read somewhere that the brave dude in this photo was a huge fan, who agreed to let Phil smack him in the face for $20 a punch.

What a band.